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The Online Application Process

  • The Application Itself
    You will enter data about your company in our paperless online application form.
    Click the link in the grey box, above, to access the application.
    Click here for details.
  • Equifax Indentity Verification Process
    Since we will be dealing with you electronically, we need to know that you are really you. We use Equifax to confirm your identity after you complete the data entry, described, above, and receive our tentative acceptance email.
    Click here for details.
  • Online Signing Ceremony of Our Factoring Documents
    After the completion of the Equifax process, you will be navigated to our documents page. You will authenticate (fancy word for sign or execute) our documents by clicking "I Agree" buttons. Please download and read them first.
  • Acceptance or Rejection
    Lastly, you will receive an email either accepting your application and inviting you to begin factoring your invoices on our website, or explaining why we could not approve your application.

Some Important Details

Data Entry - Application link is in the grey box, above

Please read this entire page before you start the application process so that fully understand it. You can Bookmark This Page so you can return to it it the future.

Use Mixed Case

You will be entering data about your company, its owners and banking into web forms. Please use mixed case for data entry, otherwise the processing of your application will be delayed.
  • Correct - mixed case: My Small Business, Inc.
  • Incorrect: MY SMALL BUSINESS, INC.
  • Incorrect: my small business, inc.

Data Security  Factoring Lock

The personal information you will enter into our forms is completely protected. Our SSL Certificate secures and encrypts all your internet data. The SSL Certificate is symbolized by a padlock icon, like the one, above. Double click it on any of our secure pages for detailed information regarding the SSL Certificate.

Information We Need About Your Organization

If your company is either a corporation or a limited liability company (LLC), we need the exact legal name and ID number assigned by the Secretary of State. If you are unsure, pick your state and look up your company. Click your Back Button to return to this page when you're finished at the Secretary of State's website. Please email us at if any of the links are broken.

Reminder Emails

The owners of your company will receive periodic automated reminder emails from us if they don't complete any step in the signup process or if you complete it, but your company doesn't factor any invoices. To terminate the reminder emails, merely reply to one with the text "Remove Me" in the body.

Links to get you back to where you left off, if you failed to complete any step

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