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The Factoring Brokers Home Study Course
Only $199.95 + S&H

Why Spend up to $8,000 on a Seminar?

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Refer you clients online to 21st Capital Corp, after completing the course, and earn the most generous referral fees available! Increase your income working from your home full or part time!
Learn how to Earn Continuing Referral Fees/Commissions by Referring Small Businesses to Factoring Companies!

If the answer to any of the following questions is "Yes," our Factoring Specialist/Broker Home Study Course could be just what you have been looking for:
  • Are you interested in embarking on a new career?
  • Are you a victim of corporate restructuring/downsizing?
  • Are you highly motivated and self-reliant?
  • Do you enjoy working with people?
  • Would you enjoy working out of your own home?
  • Are you interested in the world of business?
  • Would you like to set your own hours & work only when you want?
  • Is the concept of earning continuing, annuity-like commissions appealing?

What is Factoring?
Factoring is a simple form of Commercial Finance in which a Small Business, which can't qualify for more conventional financing, sells its accounts receivable (invoices), representing money due from its business/governmental customers for the sale of its goods and/or services, to a "Factor" or Factoring company, at a discount from face value so that it does not have to wait the normal 30-90 days for its invoices to be paid. In short, Factoring helps a Small Business Speed Up its Cash Flow, thereby enabling it to more readily pay its current obligations and grow.

What is the role of the Factoring Specialist/Broker in the Factoring Industry?
Factoring Specialists/Brokers seek out & find Small Business owners who need Financing and refer them to Factoring companies.

How are Factoring Specialists/Brokers compensated?
Factoring companies pay Factoring Specialists/Brokers commissions, usually 10-15% of the fee earned by the Factor, for the referral, after collection by the Factor, for each transaction the Factor enters into with the Client.

How can I become a Factoring Specialist/Broker?
  • You could take our competitor's $8,000 4 day Seminar given in Miami or Los Angeles.
  • You could try to acquire the knowledge and expertise on your own.
  • Or you could purchase our Factoring Specialist/Broker Home Study Course for $199.95 + $15.95 S&H + applicable Sales Tax.

The Factoring Specialist/Broker Home Study Course contains all of the educational information you will need to become a successful Factoring Specialist/Broker.

The following topics are covered:
  • The History of Factoring
  • The need for Factoring in today's economy
  • The definitions of the various types of Factoring
  • Definitions and practical examples of all important Factoring Terms
  • Examples of how Advances, Discounts, Rebates, Factoring Fees, etc. are calculated
  • "Batch Method" and Separate Invoice Factoring
  • "Recourse" and "Non-Recourse" Factoring
  • "Non-Notification" and "Direct Notification Factoring"
  • The Factor’s "Reserve"
  • The Law of Usury & Factoring
  • The role & importance of the Uniform Commercial Code ("UCC") in Factoring
  • Tax Liens and their effect upon the Factoring relationship
  • The Factor’s Credit Decisions
  • Bankruptcy & Factoring
  • Marketing & Promotion – Proven methods for finding and developing Factoring Clients
  • Samples of invoices and purchase orders
  • A list of industries that commonly need factoring services
  • Self-examination questions and answers
  • Model conversations with prospective Clients -- You will learn how to intelligently answer questions that will arise
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