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Our Exclusive Invoice Creation Technology

Online Factoring This video is for non-Quickbooks® users. Learn how to create your invoices online from any computer, anywhere, anytime.

Quickbooks® (Coming Soon) If you are a Quickbooks® user, you can create your invoices offline in Quickbooks® and upload the invoice data to our server. You will not print and mail your Quickbooks® invoices -- we do that. Instead, you will use Quickbooks® as an invoice data entry program. No other factoring company offers web-based Quickbooks® integration.
The benefits:
  • You avoid double data entry by not having to use our online invoice creation system (see above).
  • We will automagcially adjust your Quickbooks® for your factoring activity and balance that aspect of your Quickbooks® free of charge.

Accounting (Coming Soon)

Accounting Adjustments Why you should enter factoring adjustments
If you create invoices using an accounting system, such as Quickbooks®, and then factor the invoices, your accounting system will be immediately out of balance. Your accounting system and your Balance Sheet will reflect an increase in both accounts receivable and cash (your factoring advance). The result is a doubling in assets and net worth. Since this is not true, and results from your accounting system not knowing about the factoring transactions. So, adjusting entries must be posted - a job usually done by the company accountant, which can be costly. 21st Capital Corp provides the proper accounting adjustments, free of charge.

Staffing (Coming Soon)

Electronic Timesheets for Staffing Companies Tutorial
  • Non-Quickbooks® Users
  • Learn how to free yourself, your workers and their managers or supervisors from paper timesheets. But it's so much more than that. Since the timesheet data represents most of the data that makes up staffing invoices, you will, essentially outsource your billing time to your workers by using this amazing application. This will free you up for the most important aspects of you business: sales, training and worker and client relations.
  • Quickbooks® Users
  • You can do all everything Non-Quickbooks® Users can do, plus you can do the following:
    • Import your workers' time data from our website into your Quickbooks®
    • Create your invoices offline in Quickbooks® using the imported time data
    • Upload the Quickbooks® offline invoice data to our server
    • Use our One-Click Quickbooks® automated journal entry adjustment technology to balance Quickbooks®

Misc Tutorials (Coming Soon)

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