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Online Invoice Creation for Non-Quickbooks Users

We have written special proprietary software enabling Quickbooks users to create their invoices offline, then login into our extranet and upload invoice data from their Quickbooks company file for those invoices as a batch.

However, we will need your invoice data even if you are not a Quickbooks user. So, you will login to our extranet and create your invoices on our exclusive web invoice creation form. The invoice data you enter will be written to our database.

If you often bill your customers for the same items repeatedly, you will probably want to use our billable items database, which is an optional front-end to the invoice creation form. You will enter the following information on the billable items form once:
  • Item code: a short alphanumeric description (optional)
  • Unit price
  • Description: Joe Programmer [Java Programming], for example
You will not have to re-enter the same information in future billing sessions. Big time saver. So, when you create invoices online in the future, you'll select the item you want to bill from a list on our website. The only data you must add is the quantity.

The billable items system has built-in flexibility
  • Change the unit price:
  • You can do this on the fly for an individual line item without changing it in the database.
  • Customize the description:
  • You may need to tailer a description somewhat for a customer. If so, treat the line items database as a template containing fixed description information which you can modify by entering variable information, as needed.
    For example, if a customer or client wants the week ending for the invoiced services in the description, click at the end of the description and enter "w/e 2/28/2011" (no quotes). The description on the line item will be changed from "Joe Programmer, java programming" to "Joe Programmer, java programming w/e 2/28/2011." And the template description, "Joe Programmer, java programming" will remain unchanged in the database.

However, if each invoice you create is unique, you will not need to use the billable items database.

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