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Our Free Fully Integrated Staffing Industry Solution

This proprietary technology will not only convert your business processes from paper to electronic timesheets without cost, but you will also essentially outsource the invoice creation process to your workers, because it is driven by the timesheet data which represents almost the entirety of the invoice data. Moreover, all of your timesheet data will be stored both in your Quickbooks® and in our server's database, rather than on paper timesheets in storage boxes.

Electronic Timesheets Factoring Choices:

  1. Totally Paperless Solution
  2. You can take advantage of our Free Electronic Timesheets in the following way:
    • Electronic Timesheet Creation & Electronic Approval
    • Your workers will create their timesheets electronically on our website by selecting the following from drop down boxes:
      • The customer for whom he/she performed the work
      • His/her manager/supervisor
      • The task he/she performed
      After a timesheet has been completed, the worker will click a Submit button which will cause an email containing a login link to our website to be sent to the manager/supervisor so he/she can approve the timesheet electronically. He/she will do so by logging in, viewing an HTML (web-based) version of the timesheet, and clicking an Approve button. All clicks are recorded with date and time stamps in our database.

  3. Partially Paperless Solution
  4. This is solution identical to the "Totally Paperless Solution," except that the worker will print a paper version of the timesheet, already templated in our system, for the manager/supervisor to sign conventionally with a pen.

  5. Conventional Paper Timesheets Solution
  6. You can choose to disregard our electronic timesheet system and use standard paper timesheets. However, we advise against it, because you will lose the benefit of the following:
    • Empowering your workers with electronic timesheets technology
    • Substantially outsourcing invoicing to your workers. Invoicing is very time consuming. Wouldn't it be great if virtually all of that time was performed by your workers? Staffing invoices consist primarily of hours worked data. When your workers enter the hours data into our timesheets interface, you merely need to select the timesheets you want to invoice from a web page, and the following data will populate all of the line items on the invoice creation web form:
      • the number of hours worked
      • the hourly rate
      • the date range worked
      • the worker's name
      • the task performed
      • the line item total
      • the subtotal of all line items
      • the grand total
    • The ability to import your workers' timesheet data into Quickbooks®, if you use Quickbooks®, create your invoices offline in Quickbooks® using the imported timesheet data, and uploading finished invoice data to our server.
    All you will need to do to finish the invoice is make sure the default date is correct, choose an invoice number (we prompt you as to your most recent invoice number, and select the customer's appropriate invoice approver and accounts payable person from a drop down list.

Quickbooks® Factoring Integration for Staffing Companies

  1. You will create List Items in Quickbooks representing the descriptions of the tasks that your workers perform.
  2. You will import these tasks from Quickbooks® into our database over the internet, using our proprietary software, making them selectable by your workers on the timesheets web form.
  3. Your workers will login to our website and create their electronic invoices.
  4. The timesheets will either be approved by the managers/supervisors electronically or they will sign paper versions of the timesheets.
  5. When you are ready to invoice, you will export the completed timesheets from our website and import them into your Quickbooks® using our proprietary software.
  6. You will create your invoices in Quickbooks® using the imported timesheets data.
  7. You will export the completed invoice data from your Quickbooks® to our server over the internet for factoring, again using our proprietary software.
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